When life is a quiz show don’t panic

the keys of knowledge test

When I was growing up my Dad used to quiz everyone during family dinners about a wide range of facts.

Questions could be about anything from

1) a God he was describing in a Greek myth

2) a part of anatomy  he was teaching about in his medical school course

3) a politician from a particular administration, or

4) the answer to a basic math formula

The Love Boat tv show image of the cast
All the right answers came while watching Love Boat

I panicked when quiz time arrived and he would ask us to go around the table to answer the question.

Answers never came to me on the spot but later while I  watched Love Boat or when I was brushing my teeth.

My mom took pity on me and would often whisper the answer to me from across the table.

whispering to me testNow that I’m older and thinking how to solve educational challenges I get the itch to look for someone who can whisper the answer to me.

The big solutions usually come through slowly and in the relaxed spaces when I’m less panicked on coming up with the correct answer.

2 Replies to “When life is a quiz show don’t panic”

  1. Yoyo,
    Really like the idea of finding someone to whisper in your ear. What if education systems were built around that idea! What would the world look like.

    thanks for the post!

  2. Yay Paul, thanks for the comment. AND being my first commenter that’s not trying to sell me medication! Wow,–they say that in 21st century learning collaboration is the new cheating. Like you said, what if we just had the Cyrano de Bergerac style earpiece and that was considered ok for students? You gave me something to think about. Never saw it as a possibility til now.

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