Yoga is Instrumental CD

CD cover for YII
Yoga is Instrumental CD by Saint Paul

After putting together Yoga is Instrumental classes in Amsterdam, Durham, NC and in Philadelphia, I met up with  producer St. Paul and collaborated with him and two Yoga is Instrumental instructors to create a Yoga is Instrumental CD. Artist, Beth Haidle, designed the CD cover.

St. Paul writes about the project here:

Yoga Is Instrumental brings Yoga to folks in a way that invokes curiosity of self exploration and creates an open dialogue about that experience. Our mission is to cultivate a launching pad for great exploration of Yoga through the use of music.

Utilizing production from Philadelphia based musician Saint Paul, the 14 track disc encompasses a variety of uniquely mixed sounds designed for maximum meditation. Think Dilla Donuts, or Petestrumentals, formatted for a 40 minute Yoga session. This is the next wave of the Yoga. Each track is a hand picked fusion of jazz, hip- hop, soul and percussion, that will make your Yoga workout more lively, or simply brighten up your daily commute.

To order CD or for more info/booking contact: Paul Dunnaville

St. Paul Bio

A pioneer in digital and online music creation, St Paul is a music producer, music educator and consultant. He’s collaborated with artists from all genres of music, from every continent (except for Antartica). St Paul has been an Indaba member since early 2009. Since then, he’s established a strong base of artists and producers that assist in the creation of his international mix-tape series. On the educational side, St Paul facilitates hip hop production workshops, and is a music educator in the Philadelphia region. His music has become the inspirational soundtrack for many young and aspiring artists. More info on St. Paul.

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