Front Panel relaxation Day

A Learning Studio designed a peer learning research initiative with a group of friends that turned into a grant-funded one-day event, The Relaxation Day, held for 14 women residents at The Harriet Tubman Center (a shelter for battered women). Exploring a peer learning model, 12 friends designed a day of mini-educational sessions based on their strengths and skills. Some of the sessions included: massage, aromatherapy, make-over photo shoots, cooking on a budget, and food tasting. Eventually, the project turned into a 14-panel exhibit and booklet on the principles learned from the project called “Getting a Creative Idea to Work”. Brad Randall, who was a student at MCAD at the time designed the 14 panels. Events such as The Relaxation Day, turned into the basis for Step 7 of the Illuminative Method.

Here’s a summary of some of the real simple-and yet so easy to forget–rules to getting your creative project off the ground:

Identify something that bugs you
Think of your project as an experiment
Work with friends, and friends of friends
Share your ideas selectively
Use project management tools
Survey your audience
Work with talented people who have a good vibe
Ask for it
Place your projects in the best environment
Define roles
Herd people around the main goal
Make it a party
Accept your nature


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