What are the ways that a learner can create their own systems for learning and how does that match the needs of your institution? How do you ignite smaller personal learning networks that become part of your campus or company culture? In meeting together, either in small groups, workshops, or one-on-one consultations, here are some things we can discuss:

Learner Self-management: Going over the tools and methods that invite learners to become more effective in self-management. Topics such as time and setting priorities, physical self-care, cognitive (working memory) training and maintenance, and creating affordable social and practical skills training.

Personal Learning System Design: Working with learners to build in new resources and to create their own “micro-coaching” opportunities with professionals, colleagues, and peers. Setting up mastermind groups where peers learn to track, identify and find solutions to challenges by first focusing on their strengths. Creating and collaborating from strengths-based portfolios. Finding free or affordable training through open source education and other informal learning avenues.

Latest Research: Innovative ideas coming from the fields of Positive Psychology and Cognitive research, open source education, and peer learning. New concepts in moving away from deficit-based interventions toward adopting and integrating strength-based approaches.

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In partnership with Dr. Andrea Meier of Flourish! Personal Coaching, collaborator, Kim Williams and I run small group educational pilots testing new tools, services and learning approaches for students. Taking part is a great (and free!) way to test new services that could improve learners’ performance in school and life. If you, or learners from your university or organization, would like to take part in a pilot study or if you would like to discuss the design of a specific pilot test for a particular tool, method or service for your learner audience, please contact me for more information.