Yoga is Instrumental


Yoga is Instrumental and the Yoga Think Tank grew out of an Independent Study course at the University of Amsterdam in the International School for Humanities and Social Sciences. Six friends and I designed a peer learning initiative looking at how to design a course that blends two fields of knowledge: Hip Hop and Yoga. These are two areas where practitioners can struggle greatly between being highly orthodox (following the exact rules set by people who were the original founders of the field) and unorthodox (breaking the pre-established rules and blending in new innovations to the original knowledge-base). As a new practitioner of yoga and a life long follower of hip hop it was easy to see that the fields shared something in common–the debate between old school and new school and between keeping it real or being fake. The following are a set of classes, video, CD and an online publication, the Yoga Think Tank that evolved over the years from the initial peer learning research project looking at how learners can blend two areas of study to arrive at learning that is of value to them.

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